Osama Abbasi

BFA - Creative Technologies  |  Leesburg, VA

The faces I draw are not dictated by photos or real-life references. Rather, the construction of each face is dependent on memories, past drawings, and my knowledge of anatomy. Working quickly in ink prevents stagnation, and leads to a more meditative process. One of my goals is to achieve the uniqueness and diversity present in nature in my own “crowds”.


When learning to draw early on, I drew characters that I knew from various media, which were often adult men with similar bone structure and hair. It was necessary to expand my “library” of facial features.  Doing that involved looking more closely at the people I saw each day, on-screen and in person. The drawings, when placed in the order they were made, capture the gradual increase in variety, as well as a fight for dominance among my stylistic choices.

Osama Abbasi

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts

Faces (detail)

ink on paper 11" x 15" each