Aurash Aidun

BFA - Creative Technologies  |  Oakton, VA


We all know not to play with our food, but what if your food played without you? Residing in the recesses of the vegetable crisper, we find our hero, a lone meatball. Unaware of the produce’s inherent intolerance towards animal protein, Meat heads out to explore his surroundings, help his neighbors, and discover a plot to take over the whole fridge. Meat chooses to forgo the unfortunate circumstances of his evolution, and instead uses his newfound gifts to help others along his way.


I chose to create a video game, because it allows me to showcase different facets of my work in an interactive experience of my own design. The game itself is exploration based, where the player helps guide a meatball on their journey through the fridge they inhabit. My intention is for the player to learn and grow alongside Meat as they continue throughout the story and delve deeper into the world he inhabits.

Aurash Aidun

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