Christian Averill

BFA - Creative Technologies | Richmond, VA

My artwork dives into the heavily weighted distribution of wealth in our society. Through portraiture and sculpture I aim to bring light to the reality many people are living in. This can be achieved by making a direct acknowledgement to the “elephant in the room”: money. The subject matter of each body of work follows the same ideology of living in a society where it’s winner-take-all. Taking an in-depth look at the circumstances that surround billionaires and the improbability of reaching that goal is promoted through this straight to the point narrative. These artworks have an insightful layer masked underneath a direct focal point that can be up for interpretation by the audience. My approach to painting is creating an atmosphere that allows for open dialect with a subject that people may not want to talk about. An atmosphere that redefines the status quo.

Christian Averill

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts


Acrylic on wood 12" x 20"