Noah Cook

BFA - Studio Art

The Fable of the Stars

I have always had a fondness for creating worlds of fantasy. “The Fable of Stars” tells the story of a fictional religion based on service and reward. The paintings depict the journey of one person who was guided by a god to become a saint. The central painting sets a scene of the successful establishment of the religion. The surrounding paintings reference stained glass windows telling the origin story of a man who gave his life’s efforts to a seemingly divine entity, and loyally spread its doctrine to others.

The desire to follow the will of a greater power has driven the actions of many people throughout history. Their stories are chronicled, influencing the people who live hundreds of years after they depart the world. I wished to emulate such a fable in my project, while also capturing the mystery and splendor of serving a greater entity.

Noah Cook

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts

The Legacy of the Saint

Oil on wood 48" x 36"