Hailey DeLaney

BFA - Studio Art  |  Southwest VA

Our society’s obsession with “ideal” body types has enabled the oppression of fat people who face this oppression in their everyday lives in the form of social ridicule, medical discrimination, and even adoptive rights. They are told to hide their bodies behind clothing and often made to feel guilty for being fat. My artwork is meant to challenge those biases that we hold and to force people to engage with the images we normally reject.

The creation of this work was hard for me as I struggle with feelings of being burdensome and taking up too much space in the world. The brightly painted flesh forms are meant to stand out boldly against the patterned fabrics representative of the clothing meant to hide them. Embroidery hoops offer different perspectives of these bodies while challenging the societal pressures placed on fat people.

Hailey DeLaney

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts

Bountiful Bodies, Giving Generously

acrylic and embroidery on cotton cloth 72" x 36"