Alexis Girona

BFA - Studio Art  |  Newport News, VA

This body of work, Chromograph, consists of nine oil paintings. These paintings are inspired by photographs of highly detailed commonly used objects that often go unnoticed. Each painting is an abstract representation of these photographs aiming to change the perspective of the audience. These pieces show a variety of different textures and contain a wide range of colors in order to draw the audience deeper into each individual brush stroke. The thick application of the oil paint with many different tools creates these new environments that translate the original photo. The viewer may pose the question, “what is the original object from the photograph?”. These paintings ask the audience to simply look further beyond that question and see these pieces as something new or unexpected. The ambiguity of these paintings makes them uniquely open for each viewer to interpret these works.

Alexis Girona

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts


oil on canvas 24" x 18"