Hailey Hartigan

BFA - Creative Technologies | Chevy Chase, MD

Fall into dense instances of consideration.

Let sweeping flairs of inspiration take you.


Digest the voices of

the activists and leaders that have inspired me as they read the timeless words

of Rachel Carson’s “Fable for Tomorrow”. 


Turn to another and

speak the words that flux through your mind.

Words like activism,

environmental movement, coalition.

Words like

collaboration, our part, what can we do.

Words that peel

concept from its digital bounds to form content in the tangible world.

Words that unite those

that view this piece.

Words that remind us

that no matter who or what we are, we all share one common denominator: this

earth upon which we reside, and which without we would not be.


Take to discussion, to cooperation, to a common purpose. Breathe your own perspectives into this piece and in so, lend your power to our greater, collective impact.


Hailey Hartigan