An-Paddington Huynh

BFA - Creative Technologies | Centreville, VA


Hospitals are often a source of general anxiety, created from previous experiences or preconceived notions from media. Hospitals should be places that foster and facilitate health and the improvement of health. However, a patient’s anxiety can hinder the progress of recovery. Hospitals are aware of how environmental factors can hinder recovery, and are trying to aid with this effort. However, the strategies that they employ are not enough.


This project is targeted towards people who have general anxiety about hospitals, since the sight or thought of a hospital is emotionally provocative for them. The goal of this project is to alleviate the anxiety of the target audience through repeated exposure to the work. Utilizing the small and subtle interactions that the viewer can explore in the virtual room would allow for them to create options and paths that are open-ended.

An-Paddington Huynh

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