George Jung

BFA - Studio Art  |  Scottsville, VA

This series is about the emotional, mental, and shared experience of sex, specifically in gay men, as well as its physical and tactile presence. The use of cheaper materials, like markers and foam core, serves to make the objects less precious and more familiar like a poster. In the work itself, separate figures are used to represent the physicality of sex, where the presence of the body or bodies is important. The merged faces and other portions are used to symbolize the shared emotional and mental experience involved in sex. In addition to providing an underrepresented group with familiar imagery, this work is intended to soften boarders, to show something we are all familiar with, and to express feelings we are all familiar with in the hopes that it will both open up sex and queerness to a more accepted and discussed place.

George Jung

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts


marker on foam core 20" x 30"