Katrina Enriquez

BFA - Creative Technologies

My work is heavily influenced by my emotions. As an hsp, i experience feelings on a deeper level and am sincerely moved by the worlds beauty and destruction. I pour these feelings onto my 2d and 3d creations, where i bridge my own personal experiences with art.


Pop is a short 2d/3d animation that conveys my struggles with anxiety through the use of bubblegum as a metaphor. Inspired by pixar shorts, there is a juxtaposition between the whimsical style of the art while pushing for profound discussions on mental health. I also included wordplay as mini clues to accentuate the overall message, leaving hints of how the protagonist is feeling.


Growing up the youngest of the family, my artistic choices tend to gravitate towards the themes of youth and innocence. I like to leave marks of my own personality through soft shapes and playful colors, as i romanticize life like a childrens storybook. For this animation, I combined two different mediums through the use of photoshop, after effects, and maya, to allow for a more distinct and stylized look along with the same light color palette to glue all the elements together.


I continue to challenge myself by facing and exploring the depths of my own vulnerability, especially the difficult parts ive buried, and hope to translate this into my future work.

Bobbie Daniels

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