Laura Anderson

BFA - Studio

Painting is my method of processing. I have found painting my life to be the best way for me to cope, understand and explore my experiences. I am currently using painting in an effort to understand my relationship with my body in a physical and psychological sense. I have often struggled to find a feeling of peace within my own body in response to societal pressures or self-derived pressures. There was always an expectation coming from some direction for how i was meant to take up space. When these pressures were at their worst, i was incredibly unkind and harsh with my body. I was always wishing it could be something other than it currently was. I know many people, especially women, struggle with this. It is a shared experience, and we go through life accepting it as part of our identity, to never feel comfortable in the only home you will ever truly have. It is not easy to talk so openly about these issues, and my hope is that through my vulnerability others will feel seen. In times of my life when i was struggling the most i sought out places i could feel understood. Now, i aspire to create that space for someone else.


I use oil paints to create my work. I find comfort in the slow, extra careful nature of oil paint. It allows me to be patient and thoughtful while also offering me the opportunity to step away from a tough piece and come back to it still workable. Some of these pieces were created in one sitting, under an hour, while others were made over multiple sessions. The one-session pieces are focused on the habit of body-checking, the act of compulsively measuring the body. These works are rougher, with a strong distortion on the human forms meant to lend themselves to an earlier time in my life where i felt i could not understand myself. The pieces created in multiple sittings visualize moments of my life where i am positively focused on and proud of what my body is capable of instead of how it appears physically. I spent many hours paying close attention to detail and took the time to appreciate this positive headspace. Finally, i took on the challenge of painting a portrait of myself each day as a way to keep a record of my final semester, creating a visual compilation of my current perceived self. Each of these works has led me to a place of greater appreciation for myself.

Bobbie Daniels

Yurii Patselia