Jennifer Lee

BFA - Creative Technologies | Chester, VA

Crochet is a process that teaches me how individual pieces can come together to form a whole. In the same way, my work is an invitation for people to gather around and create new memories. My vision for this piece is to imitate a setting of people meeting together to eat, watch shows, and share activities. The medium of this installation, yarn, represents comfort. The dark environment simulates nighttime, which is when it is quiet and peaceful. My projection and lights glow to illuminate the scenery which offers a more vivid representation of the yarn that was used to craft the pillows. These cushions are spread around the table to encourage communion; their different colors and shapes symbolize the unique qualities within each individual. Connecting with one another leads to meaningful experiences, and my work serves as a reminder to surround yourself with the people you love.

Jennifer Lee

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Alluring Aurora

Polyester yarn, poly-fil fiber, ceiling fan, plastic foldable table, mini projector, and water bottle 102" x 86" x 86"