Ellie Mandell

BFA - Studio Art  |  Vienna, VA

As a graduate, Ellie Mandell spends her time deliberating equations on the world around humans. Beginning in 2019, Ellie began with the possibility of equality. A better world is achievable with confidence.


Ellie’s work reflects the fight for women’s equality in and out of the art world. She uses diverse mediums ranging from concrete and knives to wood and flowers. Unstretched canvas weaves pieces together as an ode to women in the traditional American textile industry, and her paintings reference propaganda banners from the Women’s Rights March on Washington DC in 2017.


Ellie expresses female forms through geometric shapes that enlighten viewers to see the otherworldly potential for women empowerment. She aims for women to feel that their voice, too, can be heard. In light of America’s recent political climate, it is time to use our voice to instigate change.

Ellie Mandell

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts


oil on wood, canvas 26" x 49"