Melrose Meehan

BFA - Studio Art  |  Blacksburg, VA

My painting process begins playfully in the creation of glittery resin charms. I then use my phone to take numerous close-up pictures of the charms and as a platform for quick, intuitive editing. This process lets me develop compositions I am confident in through low-stakes experimentation. Then, I take the resulting images and recreate them on a larger scale with oil paint on paper, which is my favorite combination of materials to work with.

I find working in this way very calming and reassuring. Indulging in anxious behaviors that usually inhibit my daily life (such as repetitive actions or working for long periods of time) in a productive process allows me to cope with my anxiety and to work in a more carefree manner. I am able to spend time creating work I am confident in with materials that I personally enjoy instead of getting stuck overthinking or doubting myself.

Melrose Meehan

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts


oil on paper 18" x 13.5"