Genevieve Munch

BFA - Creative Technologies

I imagine the contents of my mind being untangled, extracted, and transcribed in paint onto paper. This process fulfills my need to re-center in a world overflowing with content, voices, and contradictions.


Painting is part of my routine, indistinguishable in importance from any other daily activity. This leads to layered and repetitive compositions that mimic the regularity, and at times compulsiveness, through which they are made.


My work is evidence of months of conversations with myself and others, trivial thoughts and intense feelings, general confusions and bits of humor. Each painting is journalistic, motivated by a specific personal experience or condition. They are inevitably informed by constant presences such as my own body, habits, relationships, social media and the news.

Genevieve Munch

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts


oil on paper 28.75" x 21"