Bridget Olson

BFA - Creative Technologies | Charlottesville, VA

(This work was created in collaboration with Daniel Monzel.)

For this Senior Show, we wanted to create a shortfilm that explored the idea of fractals within the context of environments. We focused on three-dimensional fractals called Mandelbulbs, pairing their complex shapes with a journey about reincarnation. 

Our wandering character is a physical representation of our own universe: we are all just basic cells that make up the composition of this super organism. This higher dimensional being, our main character, exists in the 4th dimension of time, traversing an enigmatic mathematical mandelbulb world with a small floating partner. Their goal is clear to them: by traveling on an endless journey, the Navigator moves through time and keeps us alive. When he dies, our universe dies. The small pearl companion then continues the mission, cracking open to reveal a new Navigator and pearl. A new universe is born, and the super organism begins to traverse the world at a smaller scale.

Bridget Olson

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