Alexys Rivers

BFA - Studio Art  |  Triangle, VA

I have read that college students can spend up to ten hours a day on social media. But for the people they write about–also mostly college students–the internet barely exists...Cell phones do not belong in fiction.

–Sigrid Nunez, The Friend 2018


Alone together, socially distanced, connected through disconnect, our cellphones are an extension of ourselves. They survive us as another mask of our existence, yet naturally act as invisible as any other facets we carry. This bane of existence is an escape from the mess of existing, vicariously living through profiles, personas, and pleasures. As omnipresent as our smartphones are, they are often seen as invaluable when imitating life in art.

My work satirically amalgamates the non-artworthy objects of my collegiate life and I into my bed. The distasteful distractions, devices, and dust collecting asides lay reclined with me as the mess I am taken away from by timeless devotion to a cell phone. Wired and recharging, I reflect myself in the clutch of the life my fingers cling on to. 

Alexys Rivers

© 2020 by Virginia Tech School of Visual Arts

iMade my Bed (detail)

oil on canvas 20" x 24"